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Advertising Mistake #1
Lack of a Sales Strategy

Advertising legend John E. Kennedy once said advertising is “salesmanship in print.” That was 104 years ago. A lot has changed since then, but Kennedy’s words still ring true today.

Your ad is your salesman. Like any good salesman, its strategy should be to either make the sale or at least “get his foot in the door.” Yet most ads today miss the mark completely. They fail to engage readers and move them toward a buying decision.

Why? Because the substance of most advertising is to either enhance a company’s image or give out information. They focus on the product or service and not on the prospect. And the usual response from readers is “so what!”

You see, image and information merely inform. They do not make the sale. Ever.

Just for a moment, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes. Then look at your advertising and ask yourself a very simple question – “Would I respond to this ad?”

More questions ...

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions then move on to the next page and we’ll work at improving your advertising message.