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Profits Made After
Only One Week!

Roger hit the bulls eye with us! His writing is articulate, intelligent and just downright interesting and he is the consummate professional.

Our investment in Roger’s fee was returned in profits within the first week of the site being launched. Very highly recommended!

Susan Hatfield
Brilliant Exchange
Burbank, California

Get It Done Now Attitude!

Responsive. Professional. Creative. Friendly. Accommodating. Great communication. He kept me informed as to when he wouldn’t be available to respond, which I really appreciated.

On time. A real “get it done now” attitude. I plan to tap into Roger’s creative talents again soon. I highly recommend this service provider. A+

Dean Charron
Insurance Agent and Author
Granville, Massachusetts

Delivered Way Ahead
Of Schedule

I picked Roger because of his reviews and his great samples. Well he lived up to all of my expectations. Very responsive, delivered my project WAY ahead of schedule and was very easy to work with. Don’t ever hesitate to use this provider, if you do you’ll be making a big mistake. I’ll be working with this provider again. Thanks Roger!

Master Lloyd Irvin
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
Baltimore, Maryland

Skilled and Helpful!

Roger exceeded all expectations! This was my first experience working with a copywriter and it couldn’t have gone better.

Roger did exactly what I wanted with my revision — taking it to the next level with attention-getting words and phrases and making the whole sales letter have a natural “flow” leading to the conclusion of the purchase.

Anyone using Roger will be VERY SATISFIED!!!

Timely, expert, skilled and with a very helpful attitude!! It’s amazing how he could take what I had written and—in a very short time—take it from my boring version to fresh, original, interesting and enticing.

As you can tell, I am a Happy Camper to have chosen Roger for my first-ever copywriting project!

Gayle Tinnerman
Dr. Dog
San Diego, California

Advertising Mistake #4
Lack of an Eyeball-Grabbing Headline

Before you can even begin to sell your prospect on doing business with you, you’ve got to get his attention. In fact, this step is so critical, it should represent the lion’s share of your advertisement’s workload.

After all, if you can’t get someone to stop and look at your ad, it doesn’t much matter how good you are at what you do or how fantastic your offer is. People will never know because they just skipped over your ad.

And don’t underestimate the competition. Newspaper and magazine readers are much more interested in the news and feature articles, the comics, how their favorite sports team fared and even who died yesterday. You are the only one interested in your ad.

Radio listeners and television viewers are an even tougher audience. Radio listeners immediately go into zone-out mode within microseconds of hearing the first commercial. And who today isn’t guilty of grabbing the remote at the first hint of a TV commercial.

The odds are stacked against you in every advertising medium except maybe the Yellow Pages. And yet on those pages most advertisers seem to strive for mediocrity. Every ad looks about the same as the next, so much so that throwing a dart at the page just might be an acceptable way of choosing one business over all the others.

A quick glance at the local paper and Yellow Pages revealed these somewhat limp headlines. Let’s apply the “So What!” test to each of them and see how well they do. Here we go ...

Service You Can Count On

So what! Everybody says that. What makes you or your offer any different from the rest?

Save $300 On Your Next Electrical Job!

Hey, everyone wants to save a buck, but this ad appeared in the newspaper. So what! How many people do you know look in the paper for an electrical contractor? How many people would find work for this company just to save $300? Or ... how many people would delay needed electrical work, waiting for the chance to save 300 bucks?

It Pays to Deal With the Best

So what! You think you’re the best. I don’t know you. Can you back up those claims or is this the kind of hype I see and hear every day?

Ineffective headlines result in ineffective advertisements. And those result in lost income. That’s almost as bad as using your company name as the headline, which is what I find in most ads, especially the Yellow Pages.

Think about it. If someone is trolling the Yellow Pages looking for a plumber, would “Ray’s Plumbing & Heating” be the best headline? It stands to reason that if a woman is looking in the Plumbing section, she needs a plumber. That’s all anyone’s going to find there. So use that valuable headline to stop the prospect and get her to read the rest of your ad.

Now take a look at these winning headlines I’ve created for my clients ...

Earn a 400% Return on the Money You
Currently Throw Away Every Week

I’ll admit the mere mention of a 400% rate of return was risky because it just seemed too good to be true, but the offer was legitimate. So what got people to read further? They wanted to know what money they were throwing away every week. If there’s one truth in human nature it’s that people are more concerned about losing what they have than gaining what they have not.

Uncover All the Hidden Secrets
Most American Tourists Will NEVER
Discover About Paris

The appeal here? Everyone wants to be an insider ... to get the inside scoop. And no one wants to miss out on anything good, especially when they’ve got one shot at it. After all, few of us vacation in Paris on a regular basis.

Arizona Woman Turns Her
Personal Bankruptcy Tragedy Into
Welcome Relief For People
Drowning In Debt

Sounds like a newspaper headline, doesn’t it? Just formatting the headline this way added credibility to it. And we like to root for the underdog. So here we have the classic “I beat the system” statement. It clearly says “I figured a way out of this mess and now I can help you do the same.”

What Would You Do If You Were Told Today ...
“You Have Only 18 Months To Live”

We sometimes take life for granted. This headline forces the reader to hit the brakes and think for a moment. What would I do with the last 18 months of my life? And what are they talking about that can rob me of my future dreams in such a short time?

The Embarrassing Little Secret
Few Women Want to Talk About

Oh my. I can’t imagine what this might be. Obviously it’s so personal few women want to take about it. I just have to read further to discover what it is ... and find out if it might affect me.

Heart Stopping Erotic Games
You Can Play All Night Long

Are you all business in the bedroom, or is there a playful side you reveal under just the right circumstances? This might just be the ticket for you and your lover.

Do you see a common thread in each of these headlines? They evoke curiosity. They churn emotions. They urge the reader to look further – to discover what secrets lie ahead. Some hint at a solution to a problem. Others unabashedly speak of the solution. Either way, for the reader, the solution to a problem is at hand.

Now think about what you can say, with just a few words, to grab people’s eyeballs and get them to read further into your ad.