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There are plenty of advertising copywriters in the world and I count Roger Williams as one of the best. I was reluctant to write this because when you find someone this good, you don’t want to share him with anyone.

He has the ability to think like the people he’s addressing and talks to them with a confident voice that says “I’ve got just what you need to solve your problem.”

But there’s more to Roger than great copywriting skills. He’s never missed a deadline and always goes the extra mile to ensure my clients get more than they paid for.

Mary C. Pugh
The Sono Group, Inc.
Norwalk, Connecticut

Roger did great work. He took a website that was hard to understand and made it understandable and more enticing to the buyer. Since the rewrite I am happy to report sales are definitely increasing rapidly. Definitely worth the money!

Melanie Black
Easy Store Creator
San Diego, California

A Decidedly Unconventional Resume

... because ol’ Roger never did learn how to stay inside the lines.

Finding a creative, reliable copywriter who can scratch your customer’s itch can be a real challenge. Now toss in the need to guard your reputation and fatten your bottom line and you’ve got the makings of a real gut-wrenching ulcer. Bummer. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I just might be the one you’re looking for because ...

Eleven years of belly-to-belly sales experience taught me a critical element to success – address that dominant emotional need in every prospect and you make the sale. It was my career in advertising sales and then automotive sales that paved the way for my future success in direct response copywriting.

Twelve years of graphic design experience taught me that design awards quickly lose their luster if the ad doesn’t bring home the bacon. When you combine the right words with the right look and feel, the results can be explosive. Hooah!

Sixteen years as a direct response copywriter has proven the claim of advertising legend John E. Kennedy – copywriting is “salesmanship in print.” The right advertising message can beat the pants off your competitors and earn you gobs of money.

Three years in audio and video production prove the flexibility of the written word in any medium.

The Winner's Circle

Steve Habib was a little nervous. He knew what he wanted. He just didn’t know how to make it happen. His Florida lawn service was growing steadily ... just by word of mouth. But summer was right around the corner and Steve had a hankerin' for a bigger piece of the pie. That meant advertising ... 'cept he couldn’t afford to risk a penny of his hard-earned money.

After mailing a 50-piece test of the 4-page sales letter I penned for him, here's what Steve had to say ...

“Within a few days I received five phone calls and I closed three new customers. But I know that the real proof is not in the response rate, it’s in the ROI. Roger, your sales letter returned 602% with just those three new customers. I am so excited. Thank you so much!”

For Australian Stephen Baghdadi, the stakes were much higher. He and his associates had developed a new type of lottery game based on the 2006 World Cup Soccer Championship. Distribution was based on a successful network marketing model. Timing was critical. A lot had to happen in a very short time.

With a combination of print advertising and targeted emails linked to landing pages, the response was explosive – a whopping 43% – enough to cause a catastrophic meltdown of the servers.

Here’s how Stephen summed it all up ...

“Of all the people working on this project, I now realize that Roger’s talents were the most under appreciated. Business owners like me just don’t understand the power of great copy writing and design until after success has been achieved.”

Your Next Campaign Can Be a Winner Too

Looking to stuff more leads into your sales funnel? Want immediate action on a sales promo? Not sure how to make it all happen? Chances are pretty good we can work together to develop a winning sales campaign for you.

It all starts with a phone call. You can reach me right now at

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