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“My clients get more
than they paid for!”

There are plenty of advertising copywriters in the world and I count Roger Williams as one of the best. I was reluctant to write this because when you find someone this good, you don’t want to share him with anyone.

He has the ability to think like the people he’s addressing and talks to them with a confident voice that says “I’ve got just what you need to solve your problem.”

But there’s more to Roger than great copywriting skills. He’s never missed a deadline and always goes the extra mile to ensure my clients get more than they paid for.

Mary C. Pugh
The Sono Group, Inc.
Norwalk, Connecticut

Sales are definitely increasing rapidly!

Roger did great work. He took a website that was hard to understand and made it understandable and more enticing to the buyer.

Since the rewrite I am happy to report sales are definitely increasing rapidly. Definitely worth the money!

Melanie Black
Easy Store Creator
San Diego, California

Right and Wrong Advertising Methods
And Little Pointers That Will
Increase Your Profits
(even in this lousy economy)

Having serious doubts about the effectiveness of your advertising? Even if you think it’s working like gangbusters, what you’re about to read will save you from making some very common and costly mistakes that can rob you of major profits.

Dear small business owner,

I’m going to shock the livin’ daylights out of you. It’s for your own good. Just bear with me because the more you read, the more you’ll discover the honest truth about advertising.

I don’t know how much money you spend each year on advertising but chances are pretty good that whatever the amount, it’s being wasted.

How, you may ask?

All that’s over now.

You’re about to discover proven ways to increase customer response to your advertising and increase your profits.

Today there’s no shortage of ways to spend money on advertising. You’re probably hounded weekly by sales reps from the local paper, TV and radio stations, the Yellow Pages and more. Their offer sounds appealing enough – “buy ad space from us and we’ll design your ad for free.” Is it a good deal? That depends.

Your ad space is limited by its physical dimensions or time constraints. That means you have a finite and often limited amount of space and time to get your message across. And if that by itself isn’t a monumental task, here’s more ... your prospective audience has a limited attention span. Seriously limited. Studies suggest you’ve got three seconds to grab their attention. No more.

That’s a lot to ask of a little advertisement. Still, your advertising can bring home the bacon day in and day out ... if you do it right.

I’ve been at this sales and advertising game for a good long time. I’ve hit quite a few home runs for my clients and honestly, I’ve struck out more times than my ego will allow me to reveal. Thankfully, the winners far outweigh the losers.

As I look at the latest crop of ads out there I wonder how much more effective they would be if this received a total makeover or that were just tweaked a bit. And I wonder if advertisers, including you, realize how much money is not being generated because of mediocre or poorly targeted advertising messages.

The result is this short essay. It’s by no means exhaustive in its look at advertising mistakes and the strategies to fix them. It’s merely a starting point for you – something to help you see through the soupy fog and the smoke and mirrors being passed off as good advertising by people whose job it is to sell advertising, not create it. Something to get you thinking about better ways to pull in more profits.

So my purpose here is more than utility. I want to engage you, then almost force you to think about what it is you really want to say, then help you put all the pieces together so your advertising makes sense to your prospects and moves them to take action.

The first few chapters speak in general terms. Later on we’ll get into the meat of the matter.

So here’s a list of the most common, and costly, advertising mistakes a business owner can possibly make. As you read it, remember to ask yourself this one question – “Do I make these mistakes in my advertising?”