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More Client Success Stories

Good marketers are a restless bunch. We’re hardly ever satisfied with a currently running advertisement or sales letter. We’re always looking to “beat the control.” In other words, create an ad that generates a greater response than the current-running ad.

Here’s a lead generator that urges website visitors to sign up for a free newsletter. The original ad had done a good job of attracting new readers. But with a few tweaks, the new ad I created doubled response rates overnight. Not too shabby.

And notice that the new ad uses fewer words and looks less cluttered. If you’re asking your reader to perform a simple task, don’t belabor the issue. Get to the point. Get the job done. Don’t ever ask people to think.

The Right Advertising Always Makes You Money ...
Good Times And Bad

By the time the current recession became “official” small business owners had already been suffering from sliding sales volume. They further compounded their misery by cutting back on advertising.

That’s when David Dickerson, President of The Boston Globe’s direct marketing subsidiary, asked me to rewrite a mailer aimed at getting more small business owners to advertise with his company.

His in-house staff had produced a great looking ad, but David is a passionate advocate of classic direct response advertising. So he asked me to create an ad with a different twist. I reminded David’s prospects that 1) he’s a small business owner too, and 2) if we’re going to survive, we have to work together because the government isn’t about to bail out the small business owner. Here’s the new ad.

David was thrilled. He knew instantly he had a real winner on his hands.

Click this link and I’ll show you a few more winners.