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A Few More Winners

Storytelling can be an effective way to grab prospects’ attention. Then, if you give them enough reasons to buy from you, the sale is as easy as sliding into home plate (unless you’re a Nationals fan).

Here’ a sales letter written to a targeted audience – those who find themselves behind the credit 8 ball because of late payments, charge offs or even reporting errors committed by the credit bureaus.

I begin with a story readers can relate to, then load them up with reason after reason why doing business with this company is simply the logical choice. See if you can find all the reasons why the reader should take action now!

By the way, since I believe the right headline is a critical success factor, I included three different headlines so my client could test each against the others.

The Storyteller Is Important

Sometimes stories have to come from unusual or unexpected places just to get readers to pay attention. The non-profit market is particularly difficult because the rewards for spending money don’t come to the buyer directly. And they’re not material. They’re emotional. And they’re spiritual.

So when the director at a faith-based alcohol and drug rehab program asked me to pen a donation letter, I wrote it from the perspective of a child whose father had been cured of an addiction.

Sell With Your Testimonials

When you have customers who are just tickled pink with your product or service, it’s often best to let them tell their story to your prospects. Let their story do the selling and just add in some supporting details. Here’s an example – part of a very successful advertising campaign for a group of real estate buyers.

This is important ...